Help Commander Adrienne Dye save the giant space vessel KOLOSSUS from its own robotic crew!

You’re conducting a routine space patrol spanning several outer planetary systems when you receive an S.O.S. from the terraforming vessel KOLOSSUS: Commander Adrienne Dye is sending an urgent request for help because something has gone terribly wrong aboard the massive ship… its thousands of robots and artificial intelligence systems have been infected with a software virus that’s causing them to attack everything on board! The KOLOSSUS is massive, and Commander Dye is the only crew member that isn’t a robot. She can’t possibly handle everything herself and needs you to join the fight!

Help Commander Dye by making your way through the inside of the KOLOSSUS while she deals with the robots attacking from the outside. You’ll travel through the all of the major spaces on this behemoth as you work to stop the infected robots and AI systems from destroying the ship!

Ten unique environments, each featuring their own innovative, modern twists on some of the most beloved classic arcade genres provide increasing levels of challenge as you work to rid the ship of the hostile computer virus. With a voiced lead character to propel the story and a full album-length musical score themed to each space on the ship — from the hydroponics chamber to the robot assembly line — Corrupted gives you hours of evolved gameplay. Make your way to the heart of KOLOSSUS and learn the truth about the mysterious virus!

Demo coming soon to Windows and OS X!