All-New Campaign and Multiplayer Gameplay!

GHOSTLIGHT MANOR for PC/Mac is a turn-based strategic puzzle game  set in a world inhabited by a menagerie of ghosts, ghouls, and other monsters. You play as a renowned monster scaring expert embarking on an epic journey to reclaim a haunted manor house… and this manor seems to have become a doorway to another dimension. Your challenge: making your way through a seemingly endless horde of monsters that don’t want you to close the dimensional portal! But there’s good news: accompanying you is your friendly robotic assistant “Lightbot”, who sends monsters scurrying back into the shadows with a variety of special light beams! 

Coming 2018 to Dropleaf, and available now on Steam!

At least you have a Lightbot!

Wave after wave of monsters with unique and ghastly abilities are working together to thwart your attempts to scare them away… but fortunately you have some in-game friends to help you! Lightbot is your robot sidekick, and it loves to be helpful by shining its powerful lights on the creatures of the night.  Some friendly cats have tagged along as well to keep the ghosts at bay. Good kitty! If you like puzzle games with a healthy dose of action and strategy, you’ll love Ghostlight Manor.

The 60+ level campaign now includes many types of monsters and allies, six specialized beams you can earn by completing level challenges that allow you to customize Lightbot’s loadout at the beginning of each level, and a ghoulishly fun 2-4 player multiplayer skirmish mode where players compete to be the first to finish a wide variety of level challenges!


  • Your only defenses against the monsters are special light beams built into your robot assistant “Lightbot”, and you’ll use different types of beams to accomplish different tasks… gain new beam types as you progress!
  • Gameplay centers on turn-based engagement with different monsters, each with unique abilities that combine to work against you and drain Lightbot’s batteries
  • Online and LAN 2-4 player multiplayer matches are fast & fun! 9 unique maps included at launch
    Each combo in multiplayer sends a monstrous surprise to other players… the bigger the combo, the more monstrous the surprise!
  • Test your multiplayer monster scaring against computer generated opponents with three levels of difficulty
  • You’ll need to increasingly use tactical and strategic planning at higher levels: easy to learn, hard to master!
  • Lushly orchestrated original music score (also available as a remixed DLC album)
  • Discover secret levels as you journey along the overworld map
  • Cats!