GHOSTLIGHT MANOR: Ghoulishly Clever Strategic Puzzle Action

Digital Future Lab
University of Washington Bothell
Based in Bothell, Washington

Functional Unicorn

Studio Founded:
July 2012


Press/Business Contact:

Twitter: @dfl_Studios
Youtube: Digital Future Lab
Facebook: digitalfuturelab

Release date:
December 2016 (Steam)
2018 (Dropleaf)



Download a compressed .zip file with high-resolution official studio logos, game logos, and in-game HD screenshots (15.5MB)

Logos for University of Washington Bothell can be downloaded here (link opens in new tab).


Introducing GHOSTLIGHT MANOR: a new kind of puzzle game incorporating ghoulishly clever turn-based strategy with fast arcade solo gameplay. An epic 60+ level single player campaign and ghoulishly fun multiplayer skirmish provides dozens of hours of solo and competitive play!

Become a master monster hunter and wage a battle of wits against a cast of golden age movie ghouls and undead creatures. Influenced by both classic arcade games and tactical board games, you’ll explore a haunted countryside as you rush toward the source of the invasion: a mysterious mansion at the end of a long and treacherous path. The bad news: each creature you encounter has unique abilities, and the fiends work together to try and stop you from reaching the manor and closing the portal to their dimension. The good news: you’re traveling with a robot assistant that lights your way, and the monsters flee its light!


  • Your only defenses against the monsters are special light beams built into your robot assistant “Lightbot”, and you’ll use different types of beams to accomplish different tasks… gain new beam types as you progress!
  • Core gameplay centers on turn-based engagement with different monsters, each with unique abilities that combine to work against you for control of the game board
  • Gameplay is active and approachable, but increasingly relies on tactical and strategic planning at higher levels: easy to learn, hard to master!
  • Online and LAN 2-4 player multiplayer matches are fast & fun! 9 unique maps included at launch
    Each combo in multiplayer sends a monstrous surprise to other players… the bigger the combo, the more monstrous the surprise!
  • Test your multiplayer monster scaring against computer generated opponents with three levels of difficulty
  • Complete nearly 150 objectives to progress along the path to the manor and unlock 13 game modes over 60+ increasingly challenging levels
  • Secret levels and bonuses
  • Achievements


The Digital Future Lab is a research and commercial game studio based at the University of Washington Bothell and led by Jason Pace, a former production lead and Creative Director for the Halo franchise at 343 Industries. Founded by Pace in 2012 with Lead Producer Aina Braxton joining in early 2013 to help build the team, culture, and pipeline, our studio is composed almost entirely of undergraduates (many of whom remain with the studio throughout their academic careers) and we have a focus on recruiting to maximize diversity: our artists, developers, producers, musicians, audio engineers, community managers, and testers represent a huge variety of backgrounds and identities. We live/eat/breathe/sleep games and we’re all puzzle and arcade nerds, so most of the games we develop include elements of logic and strategy presented in unique ways that hopefully bring something new to players. We strive to make our games accessible to a wide audience.

Unlike most university game design programs, DFL pursues long-term IP development and takes projects from initial concept to full commercial release and beyond. As of Summer 2016, the DFL is one of only two university studios to be accepted into the Xbox Independent Developers program (“ID@Xbox”), and Ghostlight Manor was a featured game at the 2016 ID@Xbox pre-PAX West party.


Gameplay Trailer

The Haunted Manor

Game Overview


Reviews & Recognition

Selected title for Seattle Indie’s Expo
Operation Rainfall’s Best of SIX
Selected title for ID@XBOX

“I’ve never played a game with this mechanic before, and I thought it was really fun and unique! The simplicity/complexity ratio is just right – you don’t try to get too fancy but there are also enough elements that can be mixed and matched that the game stays fresh.”

“Lovely design and tons of content, it feels like a love letter to PopCap, and that’s meant in the most complimentary ways.”

“I really like the art for this game. I’m a big fan of the classic Universal monster aesthetic, and the game has a lot of fun with these different types of creatures.”

Seattle Indies Expo Jury

“The real draw here is the gameplay. Digital Future Lab has something great on their hands with Ghostlight Manor, and best of all, it is slated to release very soon. Just in time for Halloween!”

– Josh Speer, Operation Rainfall

Current Team

Jason Pace
Creative Director

Aina Braxton
Lead Producer

Kelvin Sung
Technical Director

Emmett Scout
Lead Designer

Brian Hecox
Lead Developer

Nathan Evers
Lead Artist

Lamiya Kazi
QA Lead

Bryce Villanueva
Lead Composer

Chad Dugie

Christina Jugovic

Malik Bseikri
Associate Producer

Hannah Kane
Associate Producer

Cora Walker
Community Manager

JC Ignacio

Natalia Rodrigues

Rena Chen

Anthony Do
QA Tester

Derek Delizo

Ricky Le