Hossam Basiony

Hossam has been working at the Digital Future Lab since January 2017. He started as a QA Tester, and then became a Developer for Corrupted. Recently he started working as a Designer in addition to being a Developer. Hossam loves gaming and is fond of platformers because it is a genre he grew up with.[/text_output]

Aina Braxton

Aina is the DFL’s Lead Producer and Audio Director, and a founding member of the studio. Aina rocks development schedules and contracts with as much skill as she directs the studio’s music and sound design, building on her undergraduate degree in Law, Economics, and Public Policy (UW Bothell class of 2012) and long history as a performer. Aina also engages in movement research and is active in causes relating to justice and equality.

Malik Bseikri

Malik is an associate producer at the DFL and a senior at UWB, currently majoring in Information Systems. He works primarily with the art team on both Corrupted and Ghostlight Manor. Malik is credited for helping organize Zoboomafoo’s closet, and knows all things as it relates to good seaweed and historically tragic sports teams.

Arthur Bulan

Arthur is a senior in the Computing and Software Systems major at the University of Washington Bothell and focuses primarily on Ghostlight at the DFL.

Shon Colbert

Shon is currently majoring in Digital Media at Bellevue College and is a 3D Modeling Artist for Corrupted. Through the process Shon has efficiently taught himself of 3D modeling, while simultaneously focusing on motion graphics for Corrupted’s graphic novel.

Miriam Creelman

Miriam is the Marketing Lead for the Digital Future Lab. She recently graduated from UW Bothell after studying marketing and management in the business school. She spends her time at the DFL working on social media, preparing marketing tactics and goals, and helping to facilitate other work being done in the lab.

Robin Cruz

Robin is an Audio Engineer at the Digital Future Lab, where they design sound effects and music tracks. They are a senior in the Interactive Media Design major. They enjoy exploring nature, attending comic and game conventions, and making all kinds of creative works.

Derek DeLizo

Derek is the studio’s Lead Designer and is currently a senior in the Electrical Engineering program at the University of Washington Bothell. They keep a watchful eye over the design team and make references to Rick and Morty as much as possible. Derek is also working on constructing a robot body for the lab’s creative director Jason Pace.  

Anthony Do

Anthony is part of the QA team and works on Testing and Unity Analytics. With his work on analytics we hope to see data collected on each stage we can understand what players like or to see where they are struggling the most. He’s not always that fancy with a bowtie and a glass of raspberry juice but he’s always giving it his all.

Chad Dugie

Chad is a graduate of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Washington – Bothell. He has been working on Ghostlight Manor since after its mobile release to port to PC.

Nathan Evers

Nathan is the DFL’s Lead Artist and a founding member of the studio. Nathan provides art direction for our retail games (most recently Ghostlight Manor and Corrupted), and is responsible for developing the studio’s visual brand and identity. Nathan also contributes to the design team, and assists with all aspects of lab operations.

Brian Hecox

Brian is the studio’s Lead Developer and we trick him into working on most of the projects that come through the DFL. Brian is the primary developer on Corrupted, and helped Ghostlight Manor get to its final release. He also helped the studio implement a dev pipeline and process that allowed us to work on larger teams with a frequently remote crew.

J.C. Ignacio

J.C. is a Chief Culture Officer at the Digital Future Lab.  He’s very passionate about creating exciting work environments that are very engaging and unique. Outside of work, he’s very active in the cosplay community, regularly attending conventions internationally dressed as characters from various forms of media. For J.C., inspiration is everywhere. Whether it’s music or planning office events, he takes pride in expressing what he can’t through words in art.

Christina Jugovic

Christina is Producer in the lab and a recent graduate of the Interactive Media Design program at UWB (class of 2016). Christina is focused primarily in production for Ghostlight Manor and Corrupted.

Hannah Kane

Hannah is a producer, designer, writer and blogger, and occasional panelist for the DFL, as well as a chaotic femme and social justice rogue. Hannah is published in numerous literary journals under the name H. R. H. Kane; she writes poetry, short stories, and novels in her spare time, usually about girls kissing. She studies Japanese and journalism, and changes hair style and color almost monthly.

Lamiya Kazi

Lamiya Kazi is a QA Tester for the Digital Future Lab and a junior at the UW Bothell intending for Electrical Engineering. Lamiya’s role as a QA Tester involves with checking for bugs in our builds and tracking the builds as they progress.

Joscelyn Kim

Joscelyn is a senior in the Computing and Software Systems major at the University of Washington Bothell and a developer on Corrupted. She focuses primarily on being a prototyping developer minion for the Design Team.

Roman Krichilskiy

Roman is a developer on Corrupted and is a senior at UW Bothell majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He primarily focuses on new design implementation and bug fixes.

Ricky Le

Ricky is a member of the design team, focusing on researching and developing the user experience for the upcoming title Corrupted. Ricky is a third-year student hoping to pursue a degree in either Informatics or Information Technology.

Sophia Mallouk

Sophia is part of the audio and music composition team at the DFL. They have a background in band and orchestra, playing french horn and piano.

Rahil Mehta

Rahil Mehta is a developer working on the new game Hug the Line and has been at the DFL since June 2017. He is currently majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Washington Bothell. In his free time, he likes to play video games, read books, and watch TV.

Samuel Meyerding

Samuel Meyerding is a Developer that is currently majoring in Computing and Software Systems at the University of Washington Bothell. His preferred gender pronouns are he/him/his. He spends most of his free time playing video games, watching anime, and petting cats.

Sophie Miller

Sophie is a member of the Art Team, and a Physics major at UW Bothell. They are maybe… too enthusiastic about geometry, both in design, and mathematical problem solving. Sophie adores all things creative, with a background in digital art and writing. They also enjoy the structured problems that physics and theoretical math pose. But at heart, Sophie is a cosplayer. In fact, nine times out of ten, you can assume that Sophie is either in, or working on cosplay, at any given moment.

Jordan Nakamura

Jordan Nakamura is a senior in the Computer Engineering major at UWB. Hailing afar from the distant land of Bellevue, he works at the DFL as an intern involved with developing Ghostlight Manor. He joined the lab through a friend who was an intern – the opportunity came at the right time and the environment seemed like one that you wouldn’t be able to easily find anywhere else. When time allows, he loves to game (video, tabletop, or anything else), practice martial arts, chill with friends, and explore cool places and experiences.

Huy Nguyen

Huy is currently a Digital Media Arts student at Bellevue College. He is a 3D Artist intern at Digital Future Lab working on modeling, rigging, animation, and texture. He enjoys creating art in his free time and playing video games occasionally.

Jason Pace

Jason is the Digital Future Lab’s Founder and Principal, and was named a 2015 University of Washington Presidential Innovation Fellow for their work to build the entrepreneurial mission of the DFL as a centerpiece of UW Bothell’s distinctive interdisciplinary undergraduate experience. Prior to joining UW Bothell Jason spent 16 years at Microsoft in a number of creative leadership roles — read more about their background at jasonmpace.com

Jerri Roberts

Jerri is an Associate Producer, a senior in the Media and Communications Studies program, and the voice of lead character Commander Adrienne Dye in the DFL original game Corrupted. Jerri’s production work is currently focused on Ghostlight Manor, and she’s also an experienced singer and performer — Jerri was selected to sing the National Anthem at the 2015 University of Washington Bothell commencement ceremony.

Steven Roberts

Steven Roberts is the Quality Assurance (QA) Lead at the Digital Future Lab. He is a graduate of the University of Washington Bothell with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He joined the lab to have an opportunity to work in a game studio and to discover how someone with a technical skillset (he technically has a skillset) can help push progressive ideas normally associated with artistic roles. He likes playing games, watching people play games, complaining about games, complaining about people that are playing games, and sometimes baking cookies.

Natalia Rodrigues

Natalia is a visual artist, working on concept art, production art, and animation. She’ll soon be graduating from the University of Washington Bothell with BA degrees in Media and Communications and Interactive Media Design, along with a minor in Visual Design.

T Vance Roley

Vance is a senior in the Computing and Software Systems major at the University of Washington Bothell, and the long-suffering primary developer on the Ghostlight code base. Vance was instrumental in helping the studio to establish a pipeline and process for source code control and cloud builds.

Deanna Rustham

Deanna is a senior in the CSSE program at UWB. She started off in the Quality Assurance Team testing games created by the lab and now is a Game Developer in the lab. In her spare time, she likes to go on hikes, take pictures, play games, jam on her guitar with friends, and get bubble tea.

Emmett Scout

Emmett is the studio’s Lead Designer, focusing on both level and conceptual design. Emmett was responsible for leading the design team’s work on the 51 level progression for Ghostlight Manor, and he’s also contributed a number of original ideas to the lab’s research efforts. Emmett is a senior in UW Bothell’s self-directed Individualized Study program, finishing a degree in Interactive Media and Social Justice.

Deeksha Sharma

Deeksha is currently in the Computer Science & Software Engineering program at UW Bothell and is a QA Tester for all of our projects. She enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, tennis, swimming, and creating art at parks and beaches.

Morgan Thomas

Local art goblin that hates writing biographies. Follow me on Instagram.

Lena Tu

Lena is an artist and UI Designer working on Ghostlight Manor. Lena is a senior in the UW Bothell Interactive Media Design program.

Bryce Villanueva

Bryce is a graduate from the Interactive Media Design program (class of 2016). Bryce has worked on Ghostlight Manor, Corrupted and HTL. Bryce’s roles include audio engineering and UI/UX design.

Michael Joseph Voght

Michael is a senior in the Computing and Software Systems major at the University of Washington Bothell and a key contributor to Ghostlight Manor. Michael focused primarily on animations and UI for Ghostlight, and will be the primarily developer for the PC/Mac build of the game.

Cora Walker

In addition to being our Community Manager & Content Writer, Cora is one of our founding interns. Presently, she’s tormenting her neighbors as she learns how to play the violin, has two wacky dogs, and peddles opinions on the internet. A graduate from the Interactive Media Design B.A. at UWB, Cora is currently working towards an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics.

Elliott White

Elliott is taking a break from project management to be a Developer! Elliott has been the senior producer for the studio, as well as the Editorial Manager for the UW Bothell student-run online technology blog The Next (uwbnext.com, now archived). Elliott is an ultra-senior completing dual degrees in Computer Science & Software Engineering and Community Psychology at UW Bothell.

Alex Yeung

With being a DFL member of the Audio and Music Composition Team, Alex is a junior in the Media and Communication major at UW Bothell. He often works on Corrupted and Ghostlight Manor and takes landscape photos as a side hobby.