Voyage: a tale of loss, a search for a new home, and the power of love shared among an alien race forced to abandon their dying planet

Digital Future Lab has been developing a long-term speculative project code named Voyage, an allegorical tale that chronicles an alien species as they flee a beloved planet about to be destroyed by its own sun. Voyage re-imagines science fiction as if none of the current tropes exist, paying particular attention to issues surrounding representation and violence. Voyage is designed to avoid common gender associations, combat scenarios, and other well-trodden plot devices.

For the last 18 months we’ve been building out the world, including a full narrative arc, species and character designs, a multi-thousand year cultural timeline, a 3D game environment, in-universe poetry, an abstract graphic novel, and more.

As has been the case with all of the projects we’ve pursued with highly diverse teams, this journey led to something that feels fundamentally different than most contemporary offerings — more multi-faceted, nuanced, and richly textured. Voyage is preparing to seek investment funding as a new transmedia IP.

Voyage 3D Renders

Voyage Graphic Novel Panels