The SEED planet was once filled with magic, and countless species lived together in almost perfect balance with their world. Over many thousands of SEED years two factions arose: the gentle Tali who had a unique ability to produce the raw energy used by the world’s magical core to feed and nurture life, and ambitious Muses who mastered using the energy produced by the Tali to fuel all manner of fantastical inventions and machines.

At first Muses served the entire SEED world with their creations, but as generations passed their ambitions came with higher and higher energy costs and the once plentiful magical energy grew increasingly scarce. Players encounter the Tali and Muses after most of the magical energy was drained from their world and must help the Tali and Muses work together in an effort to save their planet.

A Brand New Spin on Tower Defense

Most tower defense games feature a variety of offensive and defensive units used to kill waves of creeps as they travel along different kinds of paths. SEED shakes up the old tower defense formula and turns it completely on its head: instead of killing creeps, your towers – the Muses – each have unique magical abilities that help Tali travel different paths as they work together to complete rituals of life and renewal.

SEED gameplay will be immediately familiar to fans of the tower defense genre, but entirely new strategies and puzzle types are available when the goal is to ensure Tali complete their journeys. We’re debuting SEED with a playable demo at the Seattle 2018 Emerald City Comic Con March 1-4. Check here regularly for screen shots, videos, and release updates!

Art by Xing Guo